For years now the project leader was considered to be the lead Construction Manager in charge of all construction disciplines but how does this relate to design in the fast paced Design Build world? Often, the CM is a representative from the lead Engineering office and the true industry expert, "the client" is left as a consultant to all the trades instead of the project lead. This type of Project Management Model lacks true design collaboration and leads to expensive and frequent change orders in the field.

Project Management Modeling is CADMASTER TECH's way of taking the true industry expert, "you the client" and placing project control back in your hands. CADMASTER TECH uses 3D modeling to control project collaboration as well as site design. Modeling requires all project disciplines to send design documents to a central point where we are able to place all designs together for clash detection and functionality of the project. Think of the 3D model as a fluid design tool that looks at your project in a more holistic way creating an environment where all disciplines collaborate without the need for weekly meetings.

Benefits to Project Management Modeling

  • Client drives project
  • Require all project disciplines to collaborate on a weekly basis
  • Clash detection greatly reduces expensive in-field change orders
  • Use 3D model for project meetings and marketing
  • Review operator use from all angels
  • Design for future expansion and serviceability
  • Review phasing on complex projects while maintaining current operations

Project Management Modeling is CADMASTER TECH's way of putting the project back in your hands. Let us show you a more holistic way of project design that reduces overall costs and leads to a better design solution for everyone.